Event Photography Pricing

From your corporate events and conferences, gala dinner, Christmas celebration, social networking, to your corporate portraits, you name it…

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Events and Conferences

$225/hour for events under 2 hours:

Unlimited retouched images

An online gallery

$150 per hour for all subsequent hours

Minimum 2 hours of booking required


Lots of organisations choose to hire a photographer to take photos for exhibitions, events and important conferences because the image quality from a hobby camera might not be ideal. Keeping memories of your employees’ and clients’ precious moments will make them love you even more!

Events over 10 hours, please email to ask for a quote.

Corporate head shots

Starting from $350:

60 minutes session for 1-2 person(s)

10 digital retouched images

Online gallery

$150 for each additional person and 10 digital images

I’m specialised in creating modern look corporate portraits. I can recommend styles and outfit according to your occupation and preferences. I can take photos for as less as one person to as many as a whole team. The photos can be done in your office or an outdoor location that fits to your corporate culture.

Email me to ask for a tailored quote for a large team.

Product & service Photos

Starting from $350:

One hour photography session

20 retouched images

An online gallery

$150 each additional hour and 20 extra images


Having professional photos for your official website, brochure and any marketing materials is a must! And updating the images on those platforms frequently will give your clients a fresh look and let them know you care about them and taking your business really seriously.

Email to ask for a quote for a big project please.